Not far from snow covered mountains to one direction and the blue Mediterranean sea to the other, La Colombière du chateau is conveniently located for the outdoor enthusiast.
Nature walks, hiking, bird watching, biking, boating, rafting, motor-bikingor just simply exploring the villages and their treasures  are just a few of the activities that await you. If you wish, we can guide you into the right direction or even join your excursions.

  • The famous “Gorge du Verdon”, also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe can be reached within 20 min. by car. Along the way beautiful scenery and many picturesque villages await you.

    Those that explore the Gorge du Verdon by car, by bike or on foot will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery and everlasting memories.

    But also the lesser known but comparably stunning valleys of "Trevan", "Nesque" or "Daluis" make for excellent daytrips, by car, bike or foot.

    And for the ones that would like to dip their toes into the Mediterranean sea a scenic drive along "Route Napoleon" to Nice or a slightly faster route to Marseille will take you there. All within 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours from La Colombière.



  • The Provence is known for its beautiful scenery and winding roads. If you like to conquer some of our breathtaking passes or prefer exploring some of our stunning gorges; It all starts at La Colombiere.Just let us know. We are right in the middle of some of the most beautiful motorbike routes Southern France has to offer!

    For those of you that  like endless serpentines, Allos, Cayole and Bonnet are just a few of the better known passes in our backyard.
    But also the various gorges such as Verdon, Daluis or Nesque make for beautiful day trips with spectacular views.
    Also a pleasant ride to the nearby coast with a dip in the ocean is a great way to spend the day.

    We can supply you with the necessary directions or be your guide for the day, whatever you prefer.  All of our tours are suitable for  pillions and can be adjusted to your liking. We usually ride between 200 and 350 km per day depending on what you fancy.


  • Step outside your room and start one of the many scenic hikes through neighboring lavender fields, olive groves  and oak forests. If it is just a short stroll to our nearby lake or a more serious hike along our mountain range, you will be rewarded by stunning scenery and everlasting memories.
    Your experienced hosts are more than happy to help you with the planning and assist you with maps and valuable information. But if you prefer their company, they will be more than happy to join, or guide you through their “backyard”
    The famous “Gorge du Verdon” is only 20 min. away by car and offers some of the most spectacular scenery you can imagine.
    But also lesser known treks through secluded valleys and over remote mountain ranges will make you appreciate the raw beauty of the “Haute Provence” with its idyllic landscapes and its unique wildlife.

    Best season for hiking in the Haute Provence is between April and June, and from September to November 

  • For the ones of you that enjoy a good round of golf, we are lucky enough to have two professional 18 hole golf courses in the vicinity. They both sport a  driving range and pro-shop.
    If you wish we will take care of your reservation and might even join you for a round if you’d like the company.
    For more information about the courses have a look at their respective websites.

    For Dignes les Bains click here
    For Pierrevert click here


  • Not that the Haute Provence could compete with the cultural epicenters of Avignon or Aix-en Provence, but it nevertheless lends testimony to some very important historic events throughout its turbulent history.
    From the first Greek settlers and the various skirmishes amongst the Greeks, the Celts and the Ligurians, right up to the influx of the Roman invasions this once hugely significant “province” has seen its share of history.
    Prehistoric cave art, manifestations of Napoleons return from Elba, Auban’s architectural achievements to name just a few.
    Did you know that Riez, a nearby town of 900 once was the most important Roman trading post counting over 20’000 citizens. Ancient roman artifacts and structures can still be found to this day.
    So come and explore the history of the Haute-Provence

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